Studio Palmén is a Dutch clothing label, established in Amsterdam by Vivian Loomans. The timeless designs radiate simplicity and we strive to give women all around the world the possibility to express themselves at affordable prices. 

We want our clothing label to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible and we are constantly taking steps in order to achieve our goals. We are currently looking into Econyl for the upcoming swimwear collection, a fabric made of recycled fishnets and nylon waste. It is infinitely recyclable and contributes significantly to climate change. Econyl has the same characteristics as nylon made of virgin raw material. Besides that, we make sure our packaging is as eco-friendly as possible, since everything used for packaging is biodegradable, compostable, made of certified wood and has a clean air policy.

Vivian Loomans: "I have specifically chosen for the designing to take place in Amsterdam and the production to take in place in Italy. These are after all the two places that inspire me the most. Amsterdam is a city that is very much alive and home to so many artistic people. These people have always pushed me to go after my dreams and bring my creativity to life. The second place is out on the quiet lake in the north of Italy. The cozy Italian lifestyle has taught me that it is okay for us to take our time and enjoy life to the fullest! By combining these two, I hope for you to connect with the Studio Palmén designs and lifestyle."