Hi there beauty,

Since the new Studio Palmén collection is coming, it’s time for us to think about spring! Not about what we will be wearing of course (we got you covered), but about everything that involves bright colours and a lot of sunshine!
Spring is around the corner and everyone is excited for warmer days. Which also means saying goodbye to the winter depression and getting ready to create cool outfits, go out for drinks in the sun and learn more about today’s topic: fits and flowers!
Just like the previous collection, SS'22 will most definitely contain a lot of happy colours! Why not go to the flower shop around the corner, pick out a lovely bouquet, take pictures and spread those spring feelings?
Imagine, you are waking up in fresh washed sheets, the sun is peeking through the curtains, you get up and walk straight to the coffee machine, because what else is better than the smell of coffee in the morning? You take your cup of coffee, check your e-mails, take a look around at your place and then you feel like something’s missing: that’s right, flowers!
To guide you a little bit in your flower quest, we made a top 5 list of the flower types we like the most.
First of all,  white lilies. On the top of our list we put lilies without any doubt. Their elegant petals fit right into every occasion and because of their neutral tones, they go well with every outfit. You can for example dress them up with the Castello top in beige or white or with the unisex tee for a more informal look. Lillies also come in pink, so maybe you can add a pop op colour on Wednesdays? Can’t wait to see the pictures on your Instagram!
Second of all, and of course in line with the most beautiful city in which Studio Palmén was founded: tulips! If you think about wearing a colourful outfit today, tulips are your best friend, because they come in so many different colours. They start to blossom in the first weeks of March, which makes it the ideal flower type to celebrate spring!
The bronze medal goes to roses. Their soft, romantic aura in combination with their thorns is the perfect kind of flower for the baddies among us. There Is a fun fact about roses actually, did you know that every rose colour has its own meaning?
Red roses: love and passion
Orange roses: energy and desire
Yellow roses: friendship and joy
Green roses: growth and abundance
Blue roses: mystery and uniqueness
Lavender roses: wonder and enchantment
Pink roses: elegance and sweetness
Black roses: change and courage
White roses: young love and innocence
The forth place is one we immediately get happy feelings from: the sunflower. The flower stands for love and warmth. They grow in Summer and can be held in a vase as well. Time to spice up your living room? Unfortunately the sunflower only comes in one colour, but that doesn’t make it less beautiful. Did you know sunflowers grow towards the sun? Take a look next time you drive past a field full of sunflowers, you will notice that all sunflowers are faced in the same direction! Why only drive by though, time for a sunflower photoshoot?
Last but not least: Lavender. Tired of your weekly to do lists and rushing through life? We got you. Lavender is a flower that reduces stress and above all smells absolutely amazing! So why not take a break and run, don’t walk to your nearest florist and go buy a bunch of the purple fragrance to plant in your yard?
We can’t wait to spot your flowery posts on Instagram.
Enjoy spring darlings,
With Love,
Studio Palmén